Sportsbet Review

Sportsbet is an online betting company that caters to racing enthusiasts. Its reputation is strong. The company is known for its live racing and its competitive odds. Aside from its racing, Sportsbet offers a wide range of other sports and markets.

Its site is easy to navigate and looks good. Aside from its racing and sports betting markets, it also has a solid customer service. You can get help via live chat, email or phone. There are also mobile apps and EFTPOS payments for a quicker payout.

In addition, Sportsbet has some of the best money back offers in the industry. For example, you can receive up to $50 in bonus bets if you finish 2nd or 3rd on selected races. This is a great way to get into the action and share the fun with your friends.

When betting at Sportsbet, you should avoid gambling more than you can afford to lose. This will not only save you from losing money but will also give you a better chance of winning.

In October 2019, Sportsbet introduced the same race multi, or multi-leg bet as it is commonly referred to. Customers can bet on up to 15 legs on any given event. If a bet wins, you can also win a share of the prize pool.

The bet with mates feature is another unique feature offered by Sportsbet. It lets users pick a winner in a group of two or more people.