Sportsbet – How to Find the Edge and Identify Potential Opportunities For Winning

Sportsbet is one of Australia’s most recognisable betting agencies. It is integrated into most network sport broadcasts and has featured numerous high-profile personalities including Nathan Brown, Joel Caine and Nick Kyrgios in its advertising.

Sportsbet has a comprehensive range of online sports betting markets including all the major sporting events and leagues along with a wide selection of horse racing markets in both local and international races. They also offer a full range of exotics and flexi bets.

Odds compilers weigh up many factors to create a set of odds for each game including recent form, injuries, team and player motivation, head-to-head records and home ground advantage. Taking the time to analyse these factors can help you find the edge and identify potential opportunities for winning wagers.

A key component of any good sports bet is the ability to recognise hot and cold streaks. If a team or player goes on a run of wins you’ll want to take the moneyline instead of the point spread to maximise your profits. Keeping track of the schedule, key matchups and other factors can help you spot these streaks faster than the oddsmakers.

A sportsbook’s lines can vary based on the clientele they attract and the type of bets customers are placing. To compare odds from different books, click on ‘More lines’ in the menu above the odds table. Then choose ‘Opening line’ or ‘Line movement’ to see how a line has changed since it opened. You can also view a consensus on each game in the consensus column in the top right corner of the page.