SportsBet – How to Choose the Best Place to Bet Online

If you have turned on a TV, driven down a highway or used the internet in recent years, chances are you have seen a sports betting ad. It might be actor JB Smoove playing Julius Caesar in a TV campaign for Caesars Entertainment or former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees telling you to “Live Your Betting Life” on the website PointsBet.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best place to bet online. A good starting point is to check each bookmaker’s licensing regulations and where they accept wagers. This includes checking their wagering menu and investigating which sports/events they cover.

You can also check out each site’s customer service. It is important to be able to contact customer support in a timely manner and with a friendly demeanour. In addition, you should always read reviews and comparisons carefully before placing a bet. However, don’t read user reviews as gospel, as what one person views as a negative might be positive for another.

Another factor to consider when choosing an operator is their pricing and odds. It is important to find an operator that offers competitive odds and offers a wide variety of markets. In particular, it is worth looking for Same Game/Race Multi Builder functionality and a comprehensive range of betting statistics, insights, tips, live streaming, blackbook, speedmaps and a Bet with Mates function.